We supply:

We supply all fresh linens, including blankets & top covers in between guests: Pillows, blankets & top covers, two (2) sets of sheets, bath towels (6), face cloths (4), hand towels, dish cloths & dish towels per week (Please note: You must request the second set. We do not enter the cabin to make up beds or clean during your stay). 1 set per 2-5 day stay.

*coffee maker, electric, w/reusable filter
*dishes - dinner plates, bread plates, cereal bowls
*stemless wine glasses & coffee mugs
*cooking pots (3) & pans (1 stainless steel, 1 cast iron)
*cutlery & cooking utensils, can opener, corkscrew, potato peeler, cheese grater
*mixing bowls
*juice jug
*kettle, electric
*dish soap
*propane BBQ
*salt & pepper

*liquid hand soap
*facial tissue
*Bathroom tissue
*garbage bags
*Disinfection solution & cleaning rags

Depending on availability. Please ask if you are looking for something a little more esoteric, we just might have what you need (must be returned the next day):
*large roasting pans, cake pans, casserole dishes, camp stove percolator, coffee press.
*Small appliances: blender, hand immersion blender, electric beater, electric carving knife, toastie maker, waffle maker, popcorn maker, T-Fal air fryer, Instapot, slow cooker.

We try to have popular board games available, and we gladly take suggestions for new ones!
*Monopoly, Uno, Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, Risk, Settlers of Catan, CAH, Grounded for Life! (Family friendly version of CAH), Sorry!, Pente, cribbage boards, playing cards - PLUS MANY OTHERS!
*Small selection of sports equipment available on loan, i.e. ladder ball, badminton

__Large water jug or water from home – chlorinated lake water on tap (non-potable). A water well is close by, and we also sell Corpell's water in 5 gallon & 4 litre containers at a reasonable price in our store. Many cabins have a stand up water cooler or cradle & spout available.
__Beach blankets, water mattresses, beach toys, etc.
__Rain gear
__Please note we do not get radio, cellular reception, or wifi in the cabins. There is a cell phone booster installed in the office that is accessible 24/7, plus wifi (in the store only) for work emails (large downloads/uploads not possible at this time).
__bug repellent, sun screen
__games, crafts
__bathing suits
__bicycles & helmets- there is a large intermediate bicycle path nearby. Please note, this is a difficult trail to navigate for those who are not avid cyclists.
__if you are bringing your own speed boat - We do sell premium gas, as well as boat and car oil products & lubes, boat plugs, however we do not carry extra parts for boats or water sports equipment. Check your ski ropes, etc, carefully before coming out. The nearest part place or marina is approx. 1/2 hour to 1 hour away, depending on what you need. Check for boat plugs, leaks in hoses, gas cans, spark plugs, etc.
__fishing gear – we carry a large selection of fishing tackle and bait in our store. We have a couple of rods available on loan, but you would have to purchase lures, bait, and line.
__We supply life jackets and safety equipment for our complementary water craft equipment and boat rentals. We cannot guarantee that we will have extra life jackets, so if you need one for swimming, please consider bringing your own.
__lawn chairs
__warm clothes for chilly nights.
__Don’t forget your dog dishes, leashes, and waste bags when bringing your dog!

We look forward to having you as our guests!
Sincerely, Liberty & David Des Roches-Dueck