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Supply List

We supply:

We supply all fresh linens, including blankets & top covers in between guests: Pillows, blankets & top covers, two (2) sets of sheets, bath towels (6), face cloths (4), hand towels, dish cloths & dish towels per week (Please note: You must request the second set. We do not enter the cabin to make up beds or clean during your stay). 1 set per 2-5 day stay.

*coffee maker, electric, w/reusable filter
*dishes - dinner plates, bread plates, cereal bowls
*stemless wine glasses & coffee mugs
*cooking pots (3) & pans (1 stainless steel, 1 cast iron)
*cutlery & cooking utensils, can opener, corkscrew, potato peeler, cheese grater
*mixing bowls
*juice jug
*kettle, electric
*dish soap
*propane BBQ
*salt & pepper

*liquid hand soap
*facial tissue
*Bathroom tissue
*garbage bags
*Disinfection solution & cleaning rags

Depending on availability. Please ask if you are looking for something a little more esoteric, we just might have what you need (must be returned the next day):
*large roasting pans, cake pans, casserole dishes, camp stove percolator, coffee press.
*Small appliances: blender, hand immersion blender, electric beater, electric carving knife, toastie maker, waffle maker, popcorn maker, T-Fal air fryer, Instapot, slow cooker.

We try to have popular board games available, and we gladly take suggestions for new ones!
*Monopoly, Uno, Trivia Pursuit, Scrabble, Risk, Settlers of Catan, CAH, Grounded for Life! (Family friendly version of CAH), Sorry!, Pente, cribbage boards, playing cards - PLUS MANY OTHERS!
*Small selection of sports equipment available on loan, i.e. ladder ball, badminton

__Large water jug or water from home – chlorinated lake water on tap (non-potable). A water well is close by, and we also sell Corpell's water in 5 gallon & 4 litre containers at a reasonable price in our store. Many cabins have a stand up water cooler or cradle & spout available.
__Beach blankets, water mattresses, beach toys, etc.
__Rain gear
__Please note we do not get radio or cellular reception in the cabins. There is a cell phone booster installed in the office that is accessible 24/7, plus you can set your newer smart phones to wifi calling to make and recieve phone regular phone calls in the cabins. Please note large downloads/uploads not possible at this time.
__bug repellent, sun screen
__games, crafts
__bathing suits
__bicycles & helmets- there is a large intermediate bicycle path nearby. Please note, this is a difficult trail to navigate for those who are not avid cyclists.
__if you are bringing your own speed boat - We do sell premium gas, as well as boat and car oil products & lubes, boat plugs, however we do not carry extra parts for boats or water sports equipment. Check your ski ropes, etc, carefully before coming out. The nearest part place or marina is approx. 1/2 hour to 1 hour away, depending on what you need. Check for boat plugs, leaks in hoses, gas cans, spark plugs, etc.
__fishing gear – we carry a large selection of fishing tackle and bait in our store. We have a couple of rods available on loan, but you would have to purchase lures, bait, and line.
__We supply life jackets and safety equipment for our complementary water craft equipment and boat rentals. We cannot guarantee that we will have extra life jackets, so if you need one for swimming, please consider bringing your own.
__lawn chairs
__warm clothes for chilly nights.
__Don’t forget your dog dishes, leashes, and waste bags when bringing your dog!

__Don't forget that you must purchase your Park Passes and Fishing Licences online at



Thank you for booking us! Please note the following information and policies:

THE CABINS Many of our cabins are newly renovated, deluxe lakefront cabins, with stunning views of Big Whiteshell Lake. Cabin 2 is our regular lakefront cabin, and is slated for renovations in the near future, while cabin 14 is our regular, non-lakefront, secluded cabin. All of the cabins are fully modern, light housekeeping units, which means that they are cleaned prior to your arrival. We also offer Deluxe Camping (aka Glamping!), with many of the same amenities that we offer in our Deluxe lakefront cabins.

DECK Each cabin has a large deck, with a propane BBQ (propane included), and a semi-private fire pit area. Cabins 4-12 include a screened gazebo with a view of the lake (cabin 14 has a screen gazebo without a view). We sell bundled wood in our store. There is limited furniture in each gazebo. Our Deluxe trailers have a small deck and walkway, with a propane BBQ. The RVs have small decks with a propane BBQ, and semi-private firepits.

LIVING ROOM All of the cabins are furnished with couches and easy chairs, and most include a futon couch or sofa bed. Satellite TV & DVD players are included. The cabins have an air conditioner, baseboard heat, ceiling fan, and large screen windows.. We do not yet offer satellite TV for the RVs, but do have a TV/DVD combo available. The RVs also boast A/C & propane heat, ceiling fans and screen windows throughout. Due to the rugged terrain of the area, we have been unsuccessful in installing cell phone boosters or internet in the cabins. However we do have a cell phone booster in our store, so guests will be able to get a strong signal for MTS and Rogers cell phone plans. Other networks may have difficulty accessing their data plans. We hope to have internet available in the cabins for the 2024 season!

KITCHEN  Each kitchen has a fridge, stove/oven, and microwave. It is complete with pots, pans, dishes, coffee maker, toaster, wine glasses, etc. We have many items available on loan as well. Please see the supply list included in the confirmation email.

BATHROOM The Deluxe cabins have a 4 piece bathroom including a large single person spa tub, while cabins 2 and 14 have a regular tub and shower. The Trailers have a small tub and shower wand. We supply 2 sets of bath linens, toilet tissue and liquid hand soap per week, and one set per 2-5 day stay. Extra sets of sheets and towels are available for $25/set, or $50/set if you want fresh bedspreads, mattress protectors and furniture covers as well (depending on availability). 

BEDROOMS All cabins have 2 bedrooms, with a queen size bed in one room and two single beds in the other (Cabin 1 & 2 have a queen bed in 1 room, and a twin bunk over a double bed in the other room. Cabin 14 has a queen bed in both rooms). Trailer Site 1 has 1 queen and 1 double sofa bed, while Trailer Site 2 has 1 queen, 2 single beds). Larger groups can be supplied with one additional futon or mattress on request. Comfortable bed linens are also provided, including mattress toppers if requested. We supply 2 sets of clean bed sheets each week, including bath, bed, and kitchen linens (1 set per two-five day stay). The beds will be made up when you check in. Any subsequent sets will need to be made up by the guests themselves. 

DELUXE CAMPING!  We offer deluxe camping for those who like the idea of camping, but prefer all the amenities of a cabin! The 40' RVs have 1 queen bedroom, with a second sleeping area with either a twin bunk bed, or a double sofa bed. There is hot and cold running water, a small tub/shower combo with proper toilet and sink, full kitchen with dining table, fridge, stove, microwave, small appliances, etc. small seating area with TV, DVD player, A/C and heat, deck with propane BBQ, and private firepit area. The secluded trailers are semi-private, and surrounded by forest. They are a short walk from the shore, and have access to all of our complimentary water sports equipment, and board games.

PET & SMOKING POLICY Quiet, socialized dogs are welcome for a fee in select cabins only, so you must mention them when booking.  They are not permitted in the bedrooms or on the furniture. Due to severe allergies amongst the cleaning staff, cats are not permitted. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when outdoors, and may not be on the beach due to Provincial Park regulations. We kindly ask that guests clean the cabin of dog hair upon check out. Please clean up any messes that your dog makes anywhere on WLR property.  Guests are asked to kindly smoke on the deck in all cabins, and avoid smoking when guests are present on neighbouring decks. You will be asked to move away from the cabin in these instances.

Please do not throw cigarette or marijuana butts on the deck or in the bush, as forest fires are a big concern in the Provincial Park. A $200 fee will be charged for guests who do not comply with the pet or smoking (no smoking in cabins, and no throwing butts on the ground) policies. 

GUEST POLICY Guests are welcome at any time during your stay; however there can never be more than 6 people, including babies and children sleeping in the cabin at night. There is an extra charge over 4 people, so please inform us of any overnight guests. The Trailers have a maximum capacity of 4 people, including babies and children.

Loud music, obnoxious noise, and use of excessive profanity will not be welcome at any time of day, however there is a general quiet time of 10pm and ask that music, conversation and noises be turned down at this time until 10am the next day. (people need a chance to sleep in!) Please be respectful of other guests during your stay. Guests of customers must register with WLR staff.

VEHICLE POLICY There is a limit of 1 vehicle parked beside each cabin & trailer; they must be parked in such a way that there is access for emergency vehicles. For all other vehicles, there is a time limit of ½ hour to permit unloading, and then all vehicles must be parked in the customer parking area. There is a limit of 2 vehicles per cabin on WLR property. Any other vehicles must park in the public parking area at the government campground. All vehicles on our property must be registered with WLR staff, including those of your day guests.

FISHING & BOATING We have fishing boats and motors available for rent. All the boats are 16 foot Lunds, with 15 h.p. two-stroke Mercury motors. You can fillet any fish you have caught in our fish-cleaning hut, and we will freeze them for you at no extra cost. Whiteshell Lake Resort has access to the public boat launching pad, which is very close to our own private dock. We do not charge docking fees from our guests, and boats may remain on the shore as long as they are safely anchored. Boats may not be in the roped off swimming area. Please remember to bring any extra parts you might need for your watercraft, as we have a limited amount of boating equipment or parts available. We sell boat oil and lubricants, plugs, and universal gas lines, as well as premium gasoline.

Big Whiteshell Lake is about 7km long, 3 1/2km wide, and about 7m deep (20-25ft.). Some of the types of fish found in the lake include Northern Pike (jackfish), Walleye (pickerel), Perch, the occasional Tulibee, and ever elusive, nocturnal Burbot! Northern Pike and Walleyes are generally caught with jigs, minnows, or night-crawlers (a.k.a. worms). Success in catching Walleye depends a great deal on the season, temperature, and location of feeding areas, and is always best in the months of May and June. Many of our guests have caught Master Angler fish in Big Whiteshell Lake, including Walleye and Northern Pike. We ask that if you are reserving for a fishing derby, please register your derby as a catch and release event only. 

COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT & BOARD GAMES Canoes, kayak, pedal boat and various other water sports equipment are complementary to our cabin & trailer guests, and can be reserved in 1 hour time blocks on the day they are to be used.  We have a large selection of lawn sports equipment and board games available as well. There is a tennis court at the government campground, and we supply tennis racquets and balls. We ask that people respect the equipment so that other guests can enjoy using fully functional equipment as well!

DRINKING WATER The water on tap in the cabins is chlorinated lake water. We do not advise drinking, brushing teeth, washing vegetables, etc. with our water on tap. We sell 5 Gallon Corpell's water in our store, as well as 4 litre jugs of water. If you are part of the Corpell's water program you are welcome to bring your bottles out. Many of our cabins have watercoolers in the kitchen. We can supply a cradle and spout to all our guests. There is also a government water well close by. 

STORE Fishing lures, bait, groceries, gas, and a variety of other camper's needs are available at our store. We try to carry a wide variety of stock, including milk, bread, ice cream, candy, pop, canned goods, and many basic grocery items. We carry a small amount of frozen foods including hamburger patties, ground beef, steaks, bacon, hot-dogs, and hash browns.  Please note that Provincial Park Passes and fishing licences are now available online only. Check out the Manitoba Sustainable Development website.

HIKING You will find several places to hike in our area. Several short trails in the vicinity are laid out through bush and over rocks, offering awesome views of the lake, especially at Castle Rock on the opposite shore from us. There is a beautiful large, intermediate bicycle trail that goes through the forest close by. We are a very short distance from the Man-tario hiking trail, Rainbow Falls , and Pine Point Rapids - all a short drive away. We are also located a short distance from Bannock Point Petroforms, which are rock formations estimated to be as much as 1,500 years old. Visitors are welcome to this Heritage Area, but are asked to respect the area, as it is still used for ceremonial purposes. We gladly supply maps and information upon request.

BEACHES We have our own private, sandy, and quiet beach, with a roped off swimming area, and swimming platform (available seasonally, usually at the beginning of July until the end of August). There is also a larger public beach with a playground at the government campground, which is a 2-minute walk from us. Big Whiteshell Lake is large enough for a variety of water sports without feeling crowded. The beaches do not have a lifeguard, so please keep an eye on your children.

We look forward to having you as our guests!

Sincerely, Liberty & David Des Roches-Dueck

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